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The Boss 5.0 block is a 4.6L deck height, 94mm cylinder bore cast iron block. Cast in Ford's Cleveland plant, it uses a proprietary iron mix to yield the strongest possible casting strength with least porosity and greatest consistency. Samsung magician the selected drive does not support this feature
The serial number is located on the mid-left side of the engine block on an approximately 1/2"x 3" vertical flat. The serial number is hand-stamped onto the vertical flat, not cast into the engine block. Format is model designation before sequential production number. Serial numbers for the 9N and 2N Ford begin with the designation "9N."

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Learn how to locate and decipher the casting numbers on your Small Block Ford (SBF) and heads. This method of locating the castings works for 289, 302, 351 a...

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Dec 30, 2002 · I also have a 3970010 block. It has the 010 and 020 on the back and front, so I also know it is a high tin/high nickel block. The casting date is I 3 9, so I assume it is late 69/early 70 block, and is a 4 blt main block. But what about the other #s on it. There is a big H38 on the back. what does this represent? Near the oil filter is 371 386 83 N

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Small Block GM Long H/P Riser Kit. This system was designed for mildly modified small block engines. It shares the same features as the 520-SM350K listed above, except that it's tailpipe discharges water later in the exhaust stream which provides some flexibility for mild camshaft changes. Consult us for camshaft compatibility.

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Feb 19, 2018 · Chrysler’s small-block cylinder head design changed very little until 1987 when the 302 casting (last three digits of the casting number), commonly known as the swirl port, was introduced. While the 302 casting, as well as the later 308 casting, were most commonly found on low-performance 318s, they shouldn’t be overlooked for a performance ...

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1. Engine block casting numbers 2. Cylinder head casting numbers 3. Crankshaft casting numbers 4. Camshaft casting numbers 5. Connecting rod casting numbers 6. Flywheel casting numbers. So if you are trying to identify an engine, call your machine shop and have them check it out for you. You should also check out the AERA web site.

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The Essential Corvette Parts Reference,Corvette by the Numbers Corvette by the Numbers(TM) is the only authoritative reference for identifying and verifying, by casting number, the correct engine and drive-train parts for your exact model Corvette. Lots of information on Big block casting numbers can be found in this book.

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Big Block Chevy V-8 Casting Numbers. If you don't know where to look on your engine for all of the casting numbers, casting dates and suffix codes, see Chevy V-8 Casting Number Locations Page 1 and Page 2.

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Again, my 2 bolt 010 block has same casting number on caps as the front cap on blocks with the 2482 4 bolt cap. I have searched for hours, and didn't see the answer to that, or if there are better caps on the 1 pc seal block. For all that I know, the 1, 2, 3 and 4 caps on those may be same as 010 block 2 pc seal blocks.

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